How Would You Have Fared in Rolex Trivia?

Photo by Shara Rutberg. Photo by Shara Rutberg.

Rolex Trivia has become something of a EN tailgate tradition, but this year we stepped it up a notch with tougher questions, swanky prizes from Tredstep Ireland and hosts who hadn’t been drinking all day.

OK, I take that last part back. Photo by Shara Rutberg.

OK, I take that last part back. Photo by Shara Rutberg.

For those of you who missed it, we wanted to give you an opportunity to see how you would have stacked up. Here are the 20 questions we asked — jot down your answers on a piece of paper, then scroll down and see you how did!


1. The first time she won Rolex, Kim Severson had a different last name. What was it?

2. In what year did Rolex host its first four-star event? Bonus point: Who won?

3. Who won “Best Conditioned Horse” at Rolex last year?

4. How tall is William Fox-Pitt?

5. Four-star event pony Theodore O’Connor will always be remembered for his spectacular performances at Rolex. In the two years he competed, how did he finish?

6. Who was this year’s cross-country course designer? Bonus point: Who was the designer before that?

7. In 1978 Bruce Davidson won Individual Gold in the World Three-Day Championships, held here at the Kentucky Horse Park. Who was he riding?

8. What is the name of the movie that culminates in a three-day event at the Kentucky Horse Park? Bonus point: What real-life event horse/rider combination performed as doubles in the movie?

9. The top U.S. rider closest to the optimum time wins what? Bonus point: Who won it last year?

10. In addition to Rolex, how many other four-star events take place each year around the world? Bonus point: What are they and in where do they take place?

11. Kim Severson has won Rolex a whopping three times. In which years did she win?

12. In 2012, EN’s sister site Horse Nation ran an April Fool’s story about Rolex that fooled so many readers they had to run a retraction. What was the storyline?

13. In which year did Rolex, the brand, sign on as the event’s title sponsor? Bonus point: Pre-Rolex, what was the event called (excepting the World Championships year)?

14. How many flying changes are required in the FEI Eventing 4* Dressage Test B?

15. What is the optimum time on the 2014 Rolex cross-country course? Bonus point: What is the dictated speed?

16. What is the max allowed height of a solid four-star obstacle? Bonus point: What about a four-star brush obstacle?

17. How many water-dwelling animals must riders jump on the 2014 Rolex cross-country course?

18. How many jumps are on the 2014 cross-country course? Bonus point: How many of them are combinations?

19. In what year did the Kentucky Horse Park host its very first horse trials?

20. What is the best eventing website in the land?

Photo by Shara Rutberg.

Hosts Glenn the Geek from Horse Radio Network and Tredstep Ireland-sponsored rider Rick Wallace. Photo by Shara Rutberg.

Photo by Shara Rutberg.

Look at all those hands raised! You guys are way too smart. Photo by Shara Rutberg.


1. Vinoski. Severson-Vinoski is also an acceptable answer.

2. 1998. Bonus: Nick Larkin and Red.

3. Lynn Symanski and Donner.

4. 6’5″

5. 3rd (2007), 6th (’08)

6. Derek Di Grazia. Bonus point: Michael Etherington-Smith.

7. Might Tango.

8. “Sylvester. Bonus point: Kim Walnes and The Gray Goose.

9. The winner of the “Land Rover Best Ride of the Day” wins a 24-month lease of a brand new Range Rover Evoque. Bonus point: Buck Davidson.

10. 5, not counting Rolex. Bonus point: Pau (France), Adelaide (Australia), Badminton (Great Britain), Luhmuhlen (Germany) and Burghley (Great Britain).

11. 2002, 2004, 2005

12. It was an announcement that Rolex had been cancelled on account of giant sinkholes that had opened up throughout the Kentucky Horse Park, even swallowing the Bruce Davidson statue whole.

13. 1981. Bonus point: Kentucky Horse Trials.

14. Four

15. 11 minutes, 17 seconds. Bonus point: 570 meters/minute

16. 3’11”. Bonus point: 4’9″

17. Three — a goose at 5b, a fish at 18b and a duck at 19b.

18. 27. Bonus point: 11.

19. 1976.

20. Eventing Nation!


How did you score?

If you got 0-5 answers correct, you’re a… 1* Level Rolex Enthusiast! 


If you got 6-10 answers correct, you’re a… 2* Level Rolex Enthusiast!


If you got 11-15 answers correct, you’re a… 3* Level Rolex Enthusiast!


If you got 16-20 answers correct, you’re a…  4* Level Rolex Enthusiast!


If you got OVER 20 answers correct, they probably ought to make you a title sponsor because you’re a Master Rolex Enthusiast!!!


Photo by Shara Rutberg.

If you missed Rolex Trivia this year, no worries — it will be back again in 2015! Go Eventing.


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