IEA Long Format Three-Day Jog Report + Photo Gallery

Donald Kamenz and Unsolved Mystery. Akins/Photography in Stride.

The long format three-day event at IEA Horse Trials is underway! Indiana gave us a blessing with an absolutely lovely sunny and breezy day on Thursday as competitors unpacked their trailers and hacked their horses.

As the morning went on and it got closer to the jog time, stalls were filled with T3D and N3D riders braiding and beautifying themselves and their horses. Hooves were polished, bridles were shined and riders were dressed and excited to jog. For many, this is their first long format event and their excitement was contagious!

All horses presented at the jog passed and only one horse, Lani Zabor’s Yes Please, was sent to the hold box and then passed upon re-evaluation. The ground jury and the vets were very helpful to the riders and gave them tips on how to present at the jog. A big round of applause to them as they are really are doing a fantastic job of making this a wonderful learning experience for the riders!

On Friday all the three-day competitors will dance in the sandbox and then are given the opportunity for an optional steeplechase school with Dorothy Crowell in the afternoon. It should be a really fun and exciting weekend for everyone involved!

It’s such a great opportunity for the Indiana Eventing Association to keep the tradition of the long format events alive. Dorothy said to the riders in the competitors meeting, “Almost everyone seems to have the best cross country rides of their lives after completing the steeplechase. The horse and rider form a great team throughout the weekend.”

Best of luck to the competitors as they begin their weekend! Go eventing.

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