(in)Famous ‘Oh Crap’ Faces: Tack Attack Edition



There are “Oh Crap” moments, and then there are “OH CRAP” moments. Take Avery Klunick’s ridiculous save at the AECs, when In It To Win It came to a sudden stop during stadium and Avery nearly came unglued from the tack … but her bridle did come unglued from Winston’s face! Amazingly, she was able to put the bridle back on and finish her round, to Texas-sized cheers from the onlookers.

Check out the video of Avery’s stadium round, courtesy of RNS Video:

Due to popular demand, Avery’s epic save has been immortalized in (in)Famous fashion:

Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

Just a week after Avery’s AEC tack attack, Gina Miles experienced a similar bridle bust at Woodside with SVR Ron, who literally crashed into a vertical and nearly fell; miraculously, Gina proved her stickability and expertly rearranged Ron’s dislodged bridle. Check out Ride On Video’s documentation of Gina’s magic moment, complete with commentary:

Gina, you’re already famous in the eventing world, but it’s time to be made (in)Famous:

Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

Be sure to catch Parts 12, and 3 of (in)Famous “Oh Crap” Faces, featuring EN readers in all forms of insanity in the middle. The first celebrity edition of (in)Famous “Oh Crap” Faces features Dom Schramm of Evention fame. For more insanity, check out my website here! Go Eventing.


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