Introducing a new series presented by SmartPak

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Do you love SmartPak?  We do!  And SmartPak loves you too!  As host of our newest column, SmartPak will be giving away a $150 gift certificate each month.  This new series, entitled “Stuff My Trainer Says,” will be a monthly installment of reader-submitted training advice.  Write down your favorite training tip or schooling exercise and send it to [email protected] with “SmartPak” in the title.  Include a diagram, video, and/or photos if possible.  Each month’s best submission will be published on EN and the author will win a $150 SmartPak gift certificate.  We will also publish runners-up as well throughout the month.

We hope this will be a great way to share training advice and useful exercises, and spread the SmartPak love!  As always, please visit SmartPak for all of your eventing purchases for the best pricing and best service.


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