Jacky Green: Thursday at Badminton

Photo via Jenni

From Jacky:

Well, it’s jog day.  But because there are the grass roots championships going on suddenly the quiet jog day has turned into a hugely busy tradestand and course walk day and lots of tweedy folk trundling round the tradestands.  A quick walk through saw more tweed on offer than at Cheltenham, several hazards negotiated such as dogs on extension leads that nearly resulted in my friend being poleaxed, a trip through the craft tent that left us scarred of “The Woodland Trust” as the guy looked like a Cult resource guy and left us cold with his sale regime.  We declined odd looking cheese, looked away at strange jewelry and emerged to more tweed back on the line.

Wow!  The shopping today was fab if you wanted to spend £2.5 k on garden furniture.  Or if you wanted a polo shirt for twenty quid.  Or if you wanted to buy a car or a quad bike.  We stuck with the food and some nice earings and headed back the solitude of the lorry park before the jog.  Clark Montgomery jogged possibly the most beautiful horse of the day in Universe and Rebecca Howard looked stunning with Riddle Master.. ….

Roll on the rest of the week and what will be will be……..


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