Jersey Fresh 3* Cross-Country Preview

Hey Eventing Nation, this is Hannah Burnett and I’m riding Nike (St. Barths) in the CIC3* XC tomorrow.  Here’s a quick preview of the three-star courses.  The course for the CIC*** and the CCI*** at Jersey this year are pretty similar other than a couple combinations and length for the CCI. 
Number 2 for the CIC is a pretty airy trakener with a bit of a drop on the backside which is a bit unusual for that early in the course. #4 is a table with a bit slope on the landing and then uphill to two smallish but pretty strong angled roll-tops
Next is a big drop–but nothing before or close after. A big log oxer proceeds the first water that has a skinny brush on top of a mound, land on grass, canter in about 4-5 strides to a large solid table, 4 strong strides to an angled roll-top uphill. 
A few more galloping fences follow and then a steep hill with a table on top, 3 strides to a right-handed corner. This is tough because the hill before is so steep that you can’t see the corner until you’re in the air over the table. 
The 2nd water is some barrels on the edge of the water (pictured below), then 7-8 strides to a right handed corner… 
…then a right hand turn up a mound to a skinny toothbrush landing downhill.
Next, a large airy trakener is before a forward 5-stride to a narrow-faced but really wide table. A few more galloping jumps to an extremely steep gallop uphill, left turn to a vertical down the steep hill, 5 strides bending right to a skinny that’s hidden by some trees. 
The in to the coffin is a steeplechase type brush fence on a right-to-left angle, one stride to a wide ditch angled and a bit of a left curve 2 strides to a skinny brush fence. This is difficult because the horses probably will not draw to the last brush fence until you’re in the air over the ditch–only giving you a second or two to get their eye on it and keep them straight. The last brush fence is numbered separately so you can circle to avoid the 20 penalties if your horse isn’t up for the challenge or gets wiggly on course. 
The last difficult question for the CIC is a sharp turn in the woods to an angled vertical, 2 strides to a very large and upright stump. The CCI has double corners at the end of their course: a left handed, 2 strides to a right handed. This will be especially difficult because it’s so late in the course and the horses will be tired. 
Overall, the course is twisty and John Williams really uses the mounds and hills to try to sort out the men from the boys. The CIC is 7 minutes and the CCI is 10.  Wish me luck!
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