Joe Meyer Brings Valuable Advice to Pacific Northwest

Photo courtesy of Tina Waters. Photo courtesy of Tina Waters.

Joe Meyer, an international event rider that has represented New Zealand at the Beijing Olympic Games, traveled to the Pacific Northwest to teach a clinic at Denise and David Cole’s Emerald Glen Stables this past weekend. Despite record rainfall, the clinic was well attended and Joe set creative and challenging exercises emphasizing good basics and forward riding.

Joe asked students if they understood the difference between flexion and bend and discussed the use of independent aids and their proper application for reaction. Riders were asked to ride with the reins in one hand at the canter and to ride fast canter in light seat, slow canter seated, and medium canter seated before beginning to jump.

As Emerald Glen’s resident trainer, I received valuable advice on horses in training at many stages of development and on coaching of students. Key phrases included “Ride what happens, not what you expect to happen,” and “Ride the appropriate pace. Soften your arms and if you feel the need to slow down stretch your body up rather than pulling on the reins.”

All of the riders enjoyed Joe’s wise instruction and wonderful sense of humor. I came away with some clarity of intention in training both horses and riders and the  students riding achieved a great increase in confidence. We look forward to riding with Joe again in the future!