Jumper Nation: Hunter-Jumper Folks Be Cray, Too

I think there’s a stereotype that hunter-jumper riders are all prim and proper, with their studied positions and George Morris-approved conservative turnout, and eventers are the balls-to-the-wall bonkers ones.

But in the past few weeks that Eventing Nation’s sister site Jumper Nation has been up and running, I’ve been observing their culture like a social scientist and, lemme tell you, these people are NOT normal, either. When it comes to “insanity in the middle, ” they may not take the crazy cake but they sure give us eventers a run for our money.

Meanwhile in Wellington @gestur01 ☔️ PC: @meghanshader

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Allow me to make my case with the aid of a few recent Instagram photos from Wellington’s centerpiece show series of the year, the Winter Equestrian Festival.

They’re ballsy.

They aren’t afraid to get wet.

Sponsored rider Spencer Smith at the 7th Annual Great Charity Challenge at WEF!

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They express affection in weird ways.

Chloe,Allie and Lielle !! A photo posted by Mario Apolito (@mcar65) on

They make bold fashion choices.

Charmed Great night raising money for local charities.

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For real, though.

Yes, this is the Kent Farrington who is ranked #3 in the world #greatcharitychallenge #WEF2016 A photo posted by Farah at Equine Photoz (@equinephotoz) on

They’re prone to random acts of dancing.

Having fun at HITS Ocala!! #teamwatersedge A video posted by Waters Edge Stables (@watersedgestables) on

They like to turn up a cold one at the end of a long day.

They appreciate a good adrenaline rush.

Martina Zuluaga and Valentina Rocha. A photo posted by Mario Apolito (@mcar65) on

Their horses are goofballs.

Billy doesn’t mind Monday’s #happyhorse #WEF2016

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And most of all, just like eventers, they’re crazy about their sport. (Emphasis on “crazy.”)

I was clearly very excited about my new JOTT!!@jottusa PC: Equine Photoz @equinephotoz

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