Just a Few More Mongol Derby Snaps from 4 Days on the Steppe

The return of the world’s toughest horse race was marked by the thundering hooves of nearly 50 Mongolian horses charging across the Steppe as the 2022 Mongol Derby released its competitors into the wild this past Saturday. Now four days in to their journey, which will take them across 1000 km/600 mi of Mongolian wilderness, we’re dot-watching with the rest of the world and keeping up with snaps on social media:

Each day, the team over at The Equestrianists keeps us up-to-speed on the happenings via blog posts (catch up on the latest, day 3, here). The Mongol Derby is run with rules that will be familiar to anyone who has competed in endurance, with compulsory veterinary checks at Horse Stations along the course and penalties assessed if a horse exhibits signs of lameness, dehydration, or respiratory distress, for example. Riders also have the option to hitch a ride on the “Mongol Derby blood wagon”, which removes them from the competition but allows riders who have had trouble or health issues to catch respite without losing hope of finishing the race.

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If you want to join us in dot-watching, you can do so here. Each rider carries a GPS chip that allows race organizers and fans to follow their positioning in real time. There are quite a few eventers from around the globe contesting the Mongol Derby this year, and you can pick out your favorites to keep track of here.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few more snaps from out on the Steppe — every time I follow the Mongol Derby, I wonder if I’d be tough enough to do it. The answer is probably a definitive no, but it sure is fun to follow!

Flashback Day 3: Renee Senter & Julie Wolfert between HS7 & HS8.

Photo credit: Bayarsaihan Ochiroo

Өдөр 3: 7 болон…

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Tiffany Atteberry leading for most of the leg,"she said, her horse is the rocket of the steppe".

Photo credit: Shari…

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