Kentucky At A Glance: Meet the 5* Horses

We’re creeping ever closer to the first horse inspection at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, which is set to get underway this afternoon at 3pm EST/8pm BST. Do you have butterflies? Because here in Camp EN, we’ve absolutely got butterflies. In fact, I’d say we’ve tipped over the edge and now have fully-fledged pigeons causing mayhem in our small intestines. On second thought, maybe this is something we need to get checked out.

Anyway, whatever the state of your internal aviary, we know that this is prime time for getting to know the field of competitors you’ll be cheering on over the next four days. Yesterday, we gave you the rundown of all the need-to-know rider stats for this year’s five-star field — and today, we’re back with a closer look at their horses.

You can take a look at the full entry list here, and brush up on the entries in full in our Ultimate Form Guide here — and then, don’t forget to enter our Pick ‘Em & Win Contest from Horseware by today at noon EST!

Go Eventing – and Go Kentucky!

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#lrk3de Links: Website, CCI5* Entries, CCI4*-S Entries, Live Scoring, Live Stream, Tickets, EN’s Coverage, EN’s Form GuideEN’s Ultimate Guide to LRK3DE, EN’s Twitter, EN’s Instagram