Kentucky Horsewear Contest Finalists

Happy Holidays to Eventing Nation from Kentucky Horsewear!

We’ll cut to the chase and get to the Kentucky Horsewear Contest Finalists showing us your “finer” moment on your fake horse. We had lots of terrific entries and narrowed it down to the Final 8. Please vote for your favorite two entries. The favorite two, as selected by you, Eventing Nation, will win a pair of Kentucky Horsewear boots of their choice!


Poll closes Sunday, Jan. 1 at 9:00AM EST.  Vote vote vote!

1. Amanda R down the bank on her trusty steed.

2. Anna P hangs out in a tree with “Elmer”

3. Bette S and her quadrille squad

4. Bridgette N trying to back her horse

5. Celeste C and her horse “Springs” jump her brother’s “piece of Camry”..

6. Ginny S on her very large purebred.

7. Grace F straight down the middle.

8. Rachael K rides the WEG Sunken Rd, taking Buck’s “one handed” drop to new levels.

Remember, vote for your TWO favorites! Go eventing.

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