Sponsor Spotlight: Kentucky Horsewear XC Boots

Think of Kentucky Horsewear when you’re smiling about having your shopping done early, and realize you’ve left out your eventing partner and 4-legged companion.

Happy Holidays from Kentucky Horsewear!

Every horse deserves the best protection possible possible, and the Kentucky Horsewear boots offer that with the D3O technology. D3O material in its raw state flows freely when moved slowly, but on shock (or impact), locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state. (The fashionable look is just an added bonus!)

Ch-ch-check out the informal egg test (don’t try this at home):

For more information on Kentucky Horsewear, and where to purchase, please visit their website: www.kentucky-horsewear.com or email [email protected]

For more information on the incredible properties of D3O, please  visit their website, www.d3o.com.

And I personally think they look amazing on chestnuts:

Photo via me.. not quite as nice as Maria’s or Derith’s below

And they rather sharp on those plain bays for those of you worried about the black legs (and yes, the tack is black as well):

Photo courtesy of the lovely Maria Filsinger, MF Photography

Kentucky Horsewear Eventing Boots look fabulous on greys:
Kristine Fred KY xc boots.jpg
Photo via Derith Vogt D&G Photography

Here’s a quick promo video featuring Karin Donckers of Belgium:

Besides the D3O technology, and the stylish look, the Kentucky Horsewear Eventing Boots boast Solimbra fabric. As this grey horse comes out of the water, he’s happy because the Solimbra fabric is breathable and all weather-resistant, so the boots aren’t heavy and hot, dragging him down.

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