Kindness for the Sake of Being Kind

Photo via Kim Keppick. Photo via Kim Keppick.

I join the chorus as a huge William Micklem admirer. His Lifetime Achievement Award is so well deserved and he is a brilliant man for all the reasons described in the coverage of his award. Some don’t know about the pure kindness of the man. I know I am only one of so many people he has helped along the way, not just with his good training and ethics but with selfless acts in order to help others.

Growing up in the early 80s in Ireland, he was my mentor. Not only was I lucky enough to be able to take lessons from him but he was influential in setting up and promoting the Golden Saddle Program. I know William worked day and night on that program, I think for no financial reward.

Yet the education I and my peers received by participating and the scholarships we got as a result helped launch so many successful equestrian careers. With his current Go! Rules he continues to innovate, motivate and encourage others.

Go Rules

It is thanks to William I have a great life in the USA. Over 30 years ago, he set things in motion for me to contact Jimmy Wofford and through Jimmy, I got a fabulous opportunity to work for Karen O’Connor.

William gained nothing by doing that, it was just kind. Jimmy and Karen go into my personal kindness category too.

In an amazing recent act of kindness, William and his lovely wife Sarah arranged for trees to be planted in memory of my late parents at the magnificent Powerscourt Estate. Right before my father passed they took in his dog and gave her a forever home. The relief this gave my dad is indescribable. Those of you that have lost loved ones know that peace in those close to death is a gift for those left behind.

So William, keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to us all!