Kitty King and Nana Dalton Preview Bramham CCI3* Cross Country

Fence 9a on Ian Stark's Bramham course. Photo by Samantha Clark. Fence 9a on Ian Stark's Bramham course. Photo by Samantha Clark.

Many thanks to Kitty King and Nana Dalton for letting me tag along while they walked the course on Thursday. It’s always fascinating to get a rider’s perspective, especially two riders as experienced as these, and they were kind enough to stop and explain how they intend to ride a couple of the more complicated combinations.

Bonus points to Nana for walking the course with her two year old son and her mother — I used to lose my temper with both of mine, although they never walked a course together, that might have been even worse! Nana’s mother was heaven though, tut-tutting at Ludwig Svennerstal’s knickers (see EN’s Facebook!) when he walked past us without a top on, and Nana’s son Toby slept the whole way round so I’d say he was pretty heavenly too!

Not to be outdone, Kitty brought her two dogs with her and Haggis is probably more high maintenance than the most disobedient toddler — slightly (!) deaf, maybe a bit blind, and in season!

Massive thanks to both Kitty and Nana for their help, and wishing them great rides tomorrow on the cross country.  You can follow Kitty on twitter at @kittyeventing  and she is also really good at updating her blog and diary on her website at; Nana also has a website at Go Cross Country, Go Bramham, Go Eventing!

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