Kristen Bond is Having a …

Photo by Kirstyn Neunson. Photo by Kirstyn Neunson.

BOY! Kristen and her husband Andrew were originally supposed to find out the big news on Friday, but the announcement ended up being delayed to today. “(Owners) John and Kristie Norton were here this morning when the doctor called,” Kristen said. “I put the call on speaker, and when she said ‘it’s a boy,’ there was a lot of screaming! Can’t wait to start picking out ponies!”

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Photo by Kirstyn Neunson.

Phillip Dutton will be campaigning her upper-level horses during her pregnancy, which she told us last week when we unveiled the news of her pregnancy. Be sure to click over to this post for much more on Baby Bond, who is due Dec. 21. Many thanks to Kristen for sharing the big news with us.

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