Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Fritz is significantly less excited about eventing than I am. Photo by Ingvill Ramberg Fritz is significantly less excited about eventing than I am. Photo by Ingvill Ramberg

Let’s hear it for the barn cats and dogs, those faithful (well, sometimes) companions who keep a watchful eye on our priceless equine friends and equipment, keep our barns clear of pests, and provide us with companionship and entertainment.

Just like humans, other animals have their quirks and foibles. For instance, Fritz loves riding in cars but absolutely loathes dirt bikes and tractors. He chases rabbits but it afraid of cats (and rightly so). He has many unflattering nicknames, from “The Walking Potato” to “Little Grub,” but he is quite charming and absolutely loves spending time with his human friends at Woodloch Stable. Life wouldn’t be the same without his bizarre little frame toddling around.

Tell us about some of your barn critters! Leave a comment below.

Events Opening Today: King Oak Farm Fall H.T. (Massachusetts, A-1),  Five Points H.T. (North Carolina, A-2), Roebke’s Run H.T. (Minnesota, A-4), Copper Meadows H.T. (California, A-6), Aspen Farms H.T. (Washington, A-7)

Events Closing Today: GMHA Festival of Eventing August Horse Trials (Vermont, A-1), Applewood Farm YEH/FEH & Modified Eventing (New Jersey, A-2), Fair Hill International H.T. (Maryland, A-2), Otter Creek Summer H.T. (Wisconsin, A-4), The Summer Event at Woodside (California, A-6), Area VII Young Rider Benefit H.T. (Washington, A-7), Hunters Run H.T. (Michigan, A-8)

News and Notes:

Help Libby and Rocky go to Pau! Libby Head has her eyes on making a trip to France this October for Les Etoiles de Pau after her successful run at Rolex. Libby was one of the youngest riders to compete at Rolex this year and ultimately finished in the top 20. Libby is seeking any support or donations to help reach this goal. [GoFundMe]

Call for polo players to #mindtheirmelons: After head injuries put polo player Juracy Santos into a coma, Horse & Hound reporter Aurora Eastwood has started a  campaign to make safety hats compulsory in the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA). [Horse & Hound]

A little to the left, please: Are you interested in learning how to ease your horse or dog’s tired muscles? A new online course on basic equine and canine massage offers tutorials, information, and the opportunity to ask questions and have hands-on practice sessions critiqued via video. For more information or to register for this course, go to [Horsetalk]

Make a statement in the AEC Program: Cheer on a friend competing in the AECs by placing an ad in the AEC program! Create memories that last a lifetime, and show your support for our favorite sport. [Ad rates and requirements]

Video of the Day: Speaking of barn critters, I got this cute video of Maia Ramberg making a new furry friend at the Schweiss family’s Magister Equitum Stables last week at the Becky Holder clinic. This friendly feline followed her around the cross-country course all morning!

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