Land Rover Kentucky Rookies: Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise

Welcome to EN’s annual series celebrating the first-timers making their five-star debut at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event! We continue with our next CCI5* first-timer, Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise. To read more of EN’s Kentucky coverage, click here.

Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise. Photo by Shelby Allen.

It all started with a suspicious Craigslist ad and a feral horse for Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise. Their strong 12 year partnership started with “Sunny” attempting to kick Fylicia, but she took the chance anyways. Fast forward to today, and Fylicia and Sunny are headed to the Kentucky Land Rover Three-Day Event to make their five-star debut. We were fortunate enough to talk with her about this upcoming first experience for the pair.

EN: How does it feel, having a partnership with Galloway Sunrise since you were 13 years old and now you are going to Kentucky?

FB: It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid so to finally be here and with a horse I’ve grown up with is really incredible. Our partnership is so strong and we know each other so well I’m really looking forward to the whole experience.

EN: What advice would you give your younger self watching Kentucky for the first time?

FB: I would tell my younger self to just stay focused and enjoy the journey. To not let the lows feel so low and to really celebrate the highs along the way!

EN: What was it like qualifying last year but having to wait until this year to be able to compete?

FB: It was devastating to not be able to run. That being said I still consider myself very lucky. A lot of families were severely impacted by the pandemic and although LK3DE was canceled my horse and I were healthy and I was able to keep working and training.

EN: Do you think the absence of spectators will help or hurt you and Sunny?

FB: Honestly she’s a horse that usually stays pretty focused. When she’s in the zone it doesn’t matter if there is a big crowd or just the two of us. It will be bitter sweet to not experience the energy of the crowd on XC day but I’ll know when I leave the start box I have a ton of people cheering us on through the live feed!

EN: Have you been focusing on anything in particular with your training in preparation for Kentucky?

FB: In the past when she’s been this fit she has become a little less ridable in all three phases. So I’ve been really focused on just keeping her relaxed and happy in her work.

EN: What will be your strengths and weaknesses going into Kentucky?

FB: I would say our biggest strength would be our partnership. We know and trust each other completely and I’m really looking forward to the challenge. A weakness would just be the fact that it’s our first 5* and I can’t let nerves affect my rides.

EN wishes Fylicia and Sunny the best of luck at their first Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day! Stay tuned for more “rookie” profiles and other lead-up stories as we get closer to the April 22 start of competition.

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