Last Saturday Links of 2011 by Tipperary

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Happy New Years, Horse Lovers!

Hello EN Readers!

Welcome to the Final Saturday Links post of 2011!! The next time we meet, it will be in the year  2012 (and will my Mayan calendar have run out? Who knows!). I hope everyone out there in the Eventing Nation can reflect upon the last twelve months with both a sense of satisfaction, and with hopeful anticipation for what the future might bring. It’s a brand new year, full of opportunities and surprises! I can’t wait to get started!

Denny Emerson deserves a bit more than a link this weekend for his insightful series of articles concerning Thoroughbred Pedigree and its influences in non-racing disciplines. He discusses the evolution of successful jumpers bred from TBs, and reviews contributing bloodlines in Zenyetta’s Pedigree. These are great installments to his continuing blog, “How Good Riders Get Good.”

Additional Links for your Upcoming Saturday:

Samantha Clark wishes Olivia Loiaconoi a very Happy Birthday!

Katie Murphy – of Murphy Eventing – looks back at the year 2011 with her horse, Fitty.

TalkingHorse.Net also takes a look at the year in Review

Recently released film, In Kennels, is being heralded as a “positive step forward” in promoting hunting. Originally a training aid, the film follows the huntsmen of multiple hound training facilities and shows insight into the world of hunting.

An Interview with USEA’s Owner of the Month: Major Kelly Dobert

Robert Dover hosts a Horsemastership Clinic as one of the new components of the Emerging Dressage Athlete Program in Wellington, FL

Molly Sarge’s next installment in the series “The Future of Showjumping” addresses the quality of horse shows available to riders in the US.

Ginny Elliot has named a provisional squad of 12 riders and 14 horses to participate in a squad training programme for Ireland’s Eventing Team in 2012.

Let’s close out this year with a bit of inspiration from “Mr. Stickability” himself, Andrew Nicholson. If he can hang in there during a tough spot, so can we! Go Eventing!


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