Lee Lee Jones Scheduled to Return Home This Month

Lee Lee in her happy place. Photo by Cindy Lawler.

Lee Lee Jones continues to get stronger, more independent and more communicative following a traumatic brain injury that resulted from a fall last December, according to an update Phillip Dutton shared this morning.

“It has been a little over seven months now since Lee Lee’s accident — how life can change in an instant!” Phillip said. “Lee Lee continues to improve slowly. Due to the severity and type of brain injury Lee Lee sustained, the opinion of her doctors and our hope is that this slow but steady improvement will continue for quite a few years.”

“Lee Lee is very aware of the challenges she faces, but is applying the same grit and determination that took her through honors at university and to grad school and made her the rider she is,” he continued. “She is very committed and works extremely hard every day in her therapy sessions, which has impressed everyone.”

Photo via Phillip Dutton Eventing.

Lee Lee remains at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital where she is now able to say a few words, eat soft meals and has made great strides in the use of her arms, hands and legs. We are excited to learn that Lee Lee is on track to be discharged at the end of this month, and preparations are underway to make sure her homecoming is a seamless transition.

“Although Lee Lee cannot communicate as much as she would like to, she is mentally very bright and alert,” he said. “She uses a lot of head nods or shaking of her head to answer questions, laughs at jokes and brightens our days with her smiles. So although progress is slow it is PROGRESS!” 

Phillip also noted that Lee Lee’s helmet has been sent off to a Charles Owen Laboratory in the UK to better understand what caused her injury and prevent this from happening to other riders. He has said they will share any results from this investigation.

Photo by Kate Samuels.

“Evie and I want to thank everyone that has reached out to Lee Lee and our family through letters, cards, emails, and good thoughts and prayers. I am a believer in the power of positive thinking, so please continue to keep Lee Lee in your thoughts and prayers. I know it helps!” Phillip added.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for Lee Lee’s medical expenses, which will now include wheelchair accessibility modifications to their home, home nursing support and daily therapy. Those who wish to donate can visit her GoFundMe page here, or send donations in the form of a check to the Cordelia Elizabeth Jones Support Trust c/o Evie Dutton, 248 Hood Road, West Grove, PA 19390.

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