Let’s Discuss: Most important qualities for next US coach

“Last question: if you were a fish, what kind would you be?”

Annie has been handling our ‘Let’s Discuss’ posts lately, but I thought I’d try one for old times sake.  The quality of Eventing Nation’s community is one of our greatest strengths and at any given moment on EN we probably have a 4* rider, an eventing dad, a veteran adult amateur, a young rider, an equestrian journalist, a pure dressage rider, an eventing official, an event organizer, and some random guy in Kreplakistan all reading and thinking about the same post. 

When the USEF’s search committee starts interviewing candidates, they are going to ask themselves what they think are the most important qualities for the next US coach.  Qualities might be very tangible such as living in the us or they might be more ethereal like integrity.  So, I ask you Eventing Nation:

What do you think are the most important qualities for the next coach? 


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