Tuesday afternoon reader

Good afternoon, how is your day going?  Have you wanted to hit your boss with a stapler yet today?  Well good for you for resisting the temptation.  You didn’t resist and he is seriously injured?  Well, then you should stop browsing EN and go talk to an attorney immediately.  For the rest of you, we have two cool links for this afternoon. 

The first is a brand new blog from Club Equestrian that will feature High Performance eventers blogging throughout the year.  The first post is from Will Faudree and he discusses that Pawlow and Andromaque are back in full work and will not start eventing until the end of February, and getting two new horses from Europe.  Of course, we’ll keep an eye on the blog and link to the best entries, most likely with a little ridiculous commentary of our own.  [High Performance Eventers blog]

The second link is to our good friend Courtney at Three Days Three Ways, who has posted tips from Silva Martin on riding the training level test.  Here’s a quick excerpt from Silva:

“Sliva: I think most important thing with lower level tests is to ride an accurate test. Of course you have to have the basics like being round. But since there are not a lot of movements if you make a mistake and make circle at 17 meters instead of 15 meters you’re throwing marks away. There always will be something else going wrong so you can’t afford to lose marks where don’t need to.”

The rest of Silva’s thoughts are well worth a read. [Three Days Three Ways]


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