Let’s Discuss: Paperless Dressage Scoring?

From online bank statements to emailed retail receipts, it seems like everybody is working toward going “paperless” these days. It might be bad news for Dunder Mifflin …

… but it’s good news for the environment and those of us (me!) who have a hard enough time remembering what day of the week it is, much less keep track of a piece of paper.

Last week I heard about an Australian company called Nominate, which in some ways functions like EventEntries or the USEA’s StartBox¬†here in the States in that it processes online event entries and hosts live scoring. In addition, however, it offers a LiveScore Dressage app that replaces a traditional paper test sheet.

The app, which is downloadable via Google Play or Apple, displays dressage results online in real time on a movement by movement basis. Spectators can follow along with the trending percentage and potential final placing, similar to what you’d see on the scoreboard during a dressage test at a major event. Once the digital test sheet is signed by the judge, it is sent to the rider — a feedback loop so efficient that riders might have the test in their inbox before they’ve even gotten off their horse.

Screenshots from the LiveScore Dressage app on Google Play.

Benefits of live score dressage vs. traditional paper scoring:

  • Easy to use, streamlined process.
  • Judges can review full test before signing.
  • Works in online and offline mode.
  • Riders get sent their tests as soon as the judges sign the digital test sheet.
  • Virtual scoreboard function keeps audience engaged.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Eliminates need for runners and scorers
  • No more lost dressage test sheets.

EN event organizers, competitors and fans — time to chime in! Is paperless dressage scoring something you would use if available? Alternately, if you have a soft spot for paper dressage tests, do you have a system for keeping up with them as opposed to losing them immediately to the abyss?