Let’s Discuss: The USEA Launches EquiRatings Quality Index

An example of ERQIs listed on a USEA profile, via the USEA.

Today the much-anticipated EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI) was launched on the USEA website. ERQIs, which use a “traffic light” color coding system to indicate the level of risk a horse carries on cross country, are now available for all USEA registered horses that have competed in the last five years.

The intent of the ERQI system is to allow USEA members to track and monitor risk in a tangible way. The ERQI is calculated as a probability, a number between 0 and 1, with horses closer to 1 showing statistically higher levels of positive performance in the cross country phase. ERQIs are displayed on each horse’s profile using the ‘data footprint’ (the past results) of each horse, and applies a marginal gains approach to improving fall rates.

Read more about ERQIs and how they are calculated here. The USEA has also posted a helpful ERQI FAQ here.

EquiRating’s Diarm Byrne told EN: “We have been working for the USEA for some time now to help create a metric around risk. Today is an exciting day to be able display the ERQI privately, but we hope to bring the project forward again in the coming 12 months. A good start, but only the start.”

A horse’s ERQI will only be displayed for associated riders or owners. To view a horse’s ERQI, login to USEA Online Services. Once logged in, click on “My Related Horses” in the Horses section of the home screen dashboard. If you want to view an ERQI for a horse that you are not currently related to, you will need to add yourself as a rider or owner to the horse’s record.

What do you think, EN? Have you logged in to check your horse’s ERQI yet?

[EquiRatings Quality Indexes (ERQIs) Now Available on USEA Horse Profiles]