Let’s Discuss: What Does Your Trainer Yell at You So Often That You Hear It in Your Dreams?


Do we get the impression Ian wants Kate to use more inside leg? 🤣😫

Posted by Carol Gee on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Carol Gee of Fernhill Sport Horses posted this video of Ian Fearon pummeling a student repeatedly with directives to use her inside leg — “Inside leg! Inside leg! Inside leg!” — and it put a little smile on my face. What student of the sport HASN’T been there?

The most frequent broken record reminder I personally receive is a constant “Lean BA-ACK!” from my dressage trainer, as I seem to be eternally subconsciously poised to ditch my flatwork, pitch forward into jumping position and leap the rails toward a happier activity. I’ve heard this broken record so much, it’s now on repeat in my brain, no trainer needed — although I still struggle to obey.

What does YOUR trainer yell at you so often that you practically hear it in your dreams? Tell us in the comments!