Let’s Discuss: What’s the Worst Way You’ve Gotten Eliminated at an Event?

Today’s “Let’s Discuss” topic was inspired by Amy Nelson, EN blogger and trainer at Hummingbird Stables in Rochester, Illinois. She asks, “What’s the worst way you’ve ever gotten eliminated in eventing?”

Hers: Over the weekend at Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T.: “Young Prelim horse River spooked at VIP and giant American flag in dressage. Bolted. Jumped out of the ring. Had some 6.5s and 6.0s until then. Crowd dove out of the way screaming as they thought he was jumping the wood arena fence too. I figured here we go … better two-point.”

“One second you’re the windshield. Next second you’re the bug,” Amy says. “For the record I did NOT fall off and no one in the crowd was injured.”

Hey, letter scores happen. Tell us in the comments what is the worst way YOU have gotten eliminated at an event?