Let’s Get to Know Katy Groesbeck

Katy has two horses – and full brothers no less – in the CIC*** here at Rebecca Farm, and it was an absolute pleasure to chat to her after her training session with David O’Connor.  After being trained by her mother during her early years Katy told me she pretty much got to Advanced on her own – taking clinics every now and then, and having the odd lesson with a pure dressage or show-jumping rider, but having no real affiliation with any programme. That all changed after Galway Downs this Spring when she said she realised that if she wanted to fulfill all her ambitions in eventing she would need more help and a more structured routine. Since then Katy has been based with Hawley Bennet-Awad at Kingsway and she told me she loves it. To help make ends meet financially she lives in her trailer on the farm, rides, tutors young kids and basically does ‘anything and everything’ that she can.



Oz Poof of Purchase watching his brother work on the flat.  Both horses are anglo-arabs and originally did some endurance, and Wart (Oz the Tin Man!) even spent some time as Katy’s dad’s farm horse, rounding up cattle etc before he turned to eventing.  Wishing Katy and her horses the very best of luck this weekend, and many thanks for chatting. Go Anglo-arabs and Go Eventing!


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