Let’s Go to Pau: A French Social Media Roundup

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Every October, I get the hankering to travel to France. There’s just something about Pau that appeals to me; I’m not sure if it’s the culture, the food, the wine, or just the general French vibe that gets me itching, but one year I must make it a point to get to the Northern Hemisphere’s final 5* of the season. In the meantime, I’ll just live vicariously through Instagram (isn’t that what it’s meant for, anyway?).

Located in the south of France, maybe 100 miles to the east of the Bay of Biscay, is Pau, making it an ideal southern destination for UK and European-based eventers.

We’re through dressage and looking ahead to cross country tomorrow (which you can watch live on H&C+ here)…

…and we can never really have enough “back in the barns” scenes to go around…

Nothing beats Pau on a sunny autumnal morningโ€ฆ.

Posted by Team Price on Thursday, October 28, 2021

…and we know no 5* would be complete in any way without the hard work of the grooms and support crews…

…and finally, can you match the Team Price 5* horse with their stuffed mascots?

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