LIVE UPDATES: Yanmar America CCI4*-S at SRF Carolina International

We know that the 2023 Setters’ Run Farm Carolina International, presented by Lumbee River Membership Corporation plays a very important role in the preparation of horse and rider for big long format events later this spring. So let’s treat this, our viewing of this event, as a test run for us remote spectators as well!

For example, where will you be and what will you be doing when you’re following along with Kentucky next month? Say you’ll be cozied up on your couch watching the live stream. Well, what are you waiting for? Get yourself all snug and pull up  Horse & Country TV (you can save 15% off an annual subscription here using code EVENTINGNATION15 – the code is case-sensitive – this weekend only! Or you can also purchase a one-time viewing pass for this event for $19.99) and give yourself a little test run.

Or perhaps you’ll be out and about mucking stalls, hacking your own horses, or maybe even competing this weekend yourself. We’ve got you covered too! Keep it locked right here and practice refreshing this page every few minutes for live updates on the Yanmar America CCI4*-S followed by the Advanced division.

For a detailed look at Ian Stark‘s four-star course, make sure you check out our course preview right here featuring an up-close look at each fence on course. Horses and riders will tackle 36 jumping efforts over an optimum time of 6 minutes 33 seconds with the first pair leaving the start box at 11:48 a.m. 

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2:30 PM: That’s a wrap on our live updates for today! The CCI2*-S and CCI1*-S still have yet to run cross country today, so if you’re in the mood to enjoy some more live action just head on over to Horse & Country TV. Thanks for following along with us and make sure to stay tuned for the full cross country report and photos from the team here at EN.

2:24 PM: He sure has! Andrew and Ferrie’s Cello clock the second fastest time of the day and add just 0.8 time penalties to their score. That means they steal first and Ariel will sit second and third with Diara and Cabelle, respectively. Now don’t forget, this division still has showing jumping to come tomorrow. Here’s where things currently stand:

2:23 PM: And here are Andrew and Ferrie’s Cello over the last and through the finish… and we get a thumbs up!

2:22 PM: Andrew and Ferrie’s Cello are looking super. No problems as they approach the last water. Tracey and Reg the Ledge finished with 12 time faults. Tim and Monbeg Libertine finish with 14 time faults.

2:19 PM: OK, we have our last pair on course now, Andrew McConnon and Ferrie’s Cello, who could take the lead! They have 3 penalty points of breathing room over Ariel and Diara. They’re clear through the coffin already!

2:18 PM: Brittany and Cooley Almighty collected 14.8 time faults, which means they’ll slot into 7th for now instead of taking over the lead. No problems for Tim and Monbeg Libertine through the coffin.

2:15 PM: Here’s Tracey Bienemann and Reg the Ledge into the first water, you’re welcome:

2:13 PM: Leah and AP Prime finished clear with 14.0 time faults. Brittany is clear through the last water and running home. We’ve got our second to last pair also out on course: Tim Bourke and Monbeg Libertine.

2:11 PM: Brittany gets tipped forward on landing at the drop into the first water, but easily regains her balance and the pair continues on cleanly. Now we also have a super cute paint joining us on course: Tracey Bienemann and the flashy Reg the Leg.

2:11 PM: Big pats from Brittany for Cooley Almighty after the coffin. Leah and AP Prime make the last water complex look like a piece of cake.

2:08 PM: It was a fast round for Ariel and Diara (and a lovely one for the young mare!) but the addition of 4.8 time faults leaves the door open for either Andrew McConnon and his next ride Ferrie’s Cello or Brittany Crandall and Cooley Almighty, who are now on course, to take the lead if they go fast.

2:07 PM: Ariel gets a gorgeous stride to the ditch-wall ahead of the last water complex and then has no issues through the rest of the course.

2:05 PM: Here’s Ariel and Diara through the coffin:

2:04 PM: Christina and ZTH Zest are safely home with that stop plus time to add. Leah Lang-Gluscic and her veteran partner AP Prime leave the start box.

2:03 PM: Ariel Grald is now back on course, this time with the mare leading the division: Diara. They’re clear so far through 8ABC.

2:02 PM: Oh no!!! Christina was having such a great round, but ZTH Zest appeared to back off a couple strides out from the drop into the last water and slides right into it, getting a facefull of brush, but — wow — they put their brave pants on and come around to again and get it done.

2:00 PM: That was a really super round for Booli and Lance! They came in just one second over time and add 0.4 faults to their score. That means they now sit in second place!

1:59 PM: Woo! Through the last water for Booli and Lance. Lance seems to think the final brush element is too small for him and skims over it. Christina looks like she’s having a nice ride so far and was super smooth through the coffin.

1:57 PM: Christina Hendriksen and JTZ Zest have left the star box and Booli and “Lance” are easily through the Normandy Bank complex. Alex Baugh added a little over 20 time faults to her score.

1:54 PM: Alex Baugh was easy to spot through the coffin in her bright orange! Booi Selmayr and Millfield Lancado, a newly minted five-star pair as of Kentucky last year, set out on course. Allison and Vandyke finish clear with 11.6 time faults.

1:52 PM: Here is Allison and Vandyke through the first two fences of the final water. You can see that the Advanced takes the same drop in as the 4*, but then takes a different second fence instead of the bump on the mound out of the water:

1:51 PM: Our next starters, Alexandra Baugh and MHS Fernhill Finale hang with but still get 3 strides easily between 6A and B.

1:50 PM: Matthew’s horse is loose and has galloped past the commentator’s tent. Mia and Cashmere garnered a good chunk of time penalties but jumped clear. Allison and Vandyke are clear through the coffin and heading to the first water.

1:48 PM: Oh no!! It looked like Wellview Mister Lux might have stumbled through the ditch in the coffin and then Matthew tumbles off over the C element. Matthew is on his feet and looking alright.

1:46 PM: No problems for Mia and Cashmere through the bank complex. Also on course: Allison Springer and Vandyke.

1:44 PM: We also have Mia Braundel and Cashmere on course and already clear though the coffin. Erin and Campground blitzed through the course with the fastes time so far, gathering 4.0 time faults. Matthew Ulmer and Wellview Mister Lux are also now newly on course.

1:43 PM: Really nice round for Tim. He and Quality Time are clear also with 8.4 time penalties.

1:40 PM: Erin Kanara and the full Thoroughbred campground join us on course. Andrew and Wakita 54 were clear with 16.0 time faults. Ariel and Cabelle were also clear with time. She clocked 8.4 time penalties which opens up the door for …. herself! She remains the clubhouse leader for now, but could take the win on her other ride in this division, Diara.

1:39 PM: Big cheers for Tim and Quality time through the first water and double corners!

1:38 PM: Ariel and Cabelle are still looking smooth. Here they are through the last three elements of the top water complex:

1:36 PM: Tim Bourke and Quality Time leave the start box. Tim just recently returned to competition last month and breaking a few bones last year. He looks happy to be back! Ariel and Cabelle are clear through the coffin.

1:35 PM: Ariel looks like she has Cabelle in a nice rhythm, but doesn’t appear to be chasing the time. Looks can be deceiving when you ride so efficiently though, so we shall see! Andrew and Wakita 54 are clear through the water at the top of the course.

1:33 PM: Three strides for Cabelle through the 6AB rollmop to corner. Ariel hold the mare on her line nicely.

1:31 PM: No issues for Andrew and Wakita 54 through fence 9, and now for some early excitement: Now on course is Ariel Grald and Cabelle who lead this division!

1:28 PM: Aaaaad we are back with the Advanced! Riders in this division will tackle many of the questions as the 4*, with a few exceptions. You can find the course map here. We are kicking things off with Andrew McConnon who has two rides in the division. His first is Wakita 54.

1:10 PM: Well, that certainly was an exciting finish and a battle between two up-and-coming super stars. We now have a short break and then we’ll be back at 1:28 PM for the Advanced division. Here’s your top ten 4* finishers:

1:03 PM: He’s done it! Will and Chin Tonic HS finish BANG on the optimum time. That’s a third consecutive win at Carolina for Will, all on different horses, and a really incredible finish today on the record breaking dressage score of 19.4. Wowwwwww.

1:02 PM: Liz and Mickey finished just 2 second over for 0.8 time faults. Will and Chin are running home now…

1:01 PM: Whoooa, Will takes a pull at the fence on the bump out of the last water. They’re steady through the rest of the complex and nearly home. They only have a second over Liz to keep the lead, assuming she went double clear.

1:00 PM: Straight as an arrow for Will and Chin through the coffin:

12:59 PM: Fantastic ride for Liz and Mickey through the last water:

12:57 PM: Here we go, our leaders Will Coleman and Chin Tonic HS are out of the box!

12:56 PM: We’ve got second-placed Liz Halliday-Sharp and Miks Master C on course and through the first 8 fences. Starr Witness doesn’t even blink at all the questions up at the last water. Boyd and Connor finish clear with 10-and-change time faults. That leaves Will Faudree and Pfun as the clubhouse leaders.

12:54 PM: No problem at all for Boyd and Connor through the last water. Starr Witness gives a little stutter step through the coffin for Doug, but they’re through pretty easily. Doug can breathe a sigh of relief now, as the coffin at the Lexington 4* last year brought them some grief!

12:51 PM: Boyd has to work a bit through the coffin, but Conner is game. They then make easy work of the first water and double corners.

12:50 PM: No problem for Boyd and “Connor” through the first ten fences. Doug Payne and Starr Witness now leave the start box. Doug has said he’s planning to ride “efficiently fast.”

12:48 PM: Another double clear! Professional round, indeed — Will and Pfun come in 2 seconds under time. They’ll finish no lower than 5th.

12:47 PM: Will and Pfun kick for the finish flags after an really professional round. Boyd is back for this final go of the division with Commando 3, a relatively new ride for him, with whom he sits in 4th place. Lindsay and Dreamy finish clear with 13.2 time faults.

12:44 PM: Some updates: Ariel Grald has withdrawn Leamore Master Plan. This was reportedly her plan just to do a combined test. We also did not see Liz Halliday-Sharp and Cooley Quicksilver, they may have withdrawn as well. Sydney Elliot and QC Diamantaire are our second double clear today! They’ll now take over from Doug and Quantum Leap as our clubhouse leaders with a score of 30.2.

12:42 PM: If Dreamy could have, I think he would have shouted “WHEEEEEEE!!!” as he skipped through everything at the final water. Will Faudree also now returns for his second ride of the day, this time on Pfun. Elisa and Caz finished clear with a good chunk of time.

12:41 PM: OK, Mary Bess Davis and Imperio Magic flew through the course so fast I missed them entirely! I must sincerely apologize for that and I’m also mad at myself because I think that horse is really fun to watch. They were clear with 6.4 time — third fastest so far.

12:39 PM: We’ve now got Lindsay Traisnel and Bacyrouge on course — Lindsay gave “Dreamy” some encouragement into the drop into the first water, but they’re through easily. Sydney Elliot and the gorgeous QC Diamantaire are also on course and through 6AB.

12:36 PM: I’m way behind in relaying scores to you again now. Boyd and Miss Lulu Herself and well as Doug and Camarillo are both clear with time. I also can’t remember if I reported Will and Mama’s Magic Way score: they finished clear and with the second fastest time so far, picking up just 4.4 time faults. Meaghan and Palmer are home safely with that one uncharacteristic stop.

12:34 PM: Woo! Caz is leaving strides out all over the place! He bounced through the angled logs earlier and takes off long after the Normandy Bank. He’s looking super keen and Elisa is riding him so well.

12: 32 PM: Oh no! Palmer stops at the big drop into the water at 19A. Meaghan has to circle before trying it again and taking on the rest of the complex.

12:30 PM: Elisa and Renkum Corsair — last year’s 3* National Champions — are on course and Elisa has to work to get “Caz” through the flag at 6B.

12:29 PM: Here’s Maegan and Palmer through the first water with the double corners:

12:28 PM: Doug Payne and Camarillo are through the Normandy Bank, meanwhile Meghan O’Donoghue and Palm Crescent are clear through the first part of the course.

12:26 PM: Alright, let’s regroup here. We’ve got Boyd Martin and Miss Lulu herself furthest along on course. Boyd give her an amazing ride through the busy last water and the mare takes it all in stride. This is her first four-star and she’ll have gained heaps of confidence from that.

12:22 PM: Oh no, trouble again for Hayley Frielick and Dunedin Black Watch. They come in fast to the water at 13ABC and Hayley takes a tumble after the B element. That’s such a bummer.

12:20 PM: Aw darn, trouble for Lexi and Chico’s Man VDF Z. We didn’t see it, but the pair had stops at both the A and B elements of the coffin before continuing on. We then see Chico’s Man VDF Z skid to a stop at the top of the Normandy back. The pair are eliminated there.

12:18 PM: Oh no! Before we know it, Hayley Frielick and Dunedin Black Watch have a stop at the ditch in the coffin. Hailey has to turn without crossing her tracks, get her horse over the ditch, but then she has the option to go instead up the hill to the side and over an option fence.

12:14 PM: To give you an idea of how busy that last water is, Liz Halliday-Sharp had mentioned to our live stream commentator that if course designer Ian Stark had also put a fence in the water that would easily have turned it into a five-star question. Lexi Scovill and Chico’s Man VDF Z are also on course now and are in and out of the show jump field quickly. Allie and Morswoord picked up 10 time faults.

12:12 PM: Will Faudree and Mama’s Magic Way are on course and making their way through the second field. Allie rode beautifully through the busy last water complex.

12:09 PM: The coffin complex at Carolina is always exciting to watch and our H&C+ live stream gives us a great shot of it. Here’s Allie and Morswood:

12:07 PM: No problem for Allie through the roll top and brush corner at 6AB. Sara and Mr Cash were clear with 13.6 time faults.

12:05 PM: Here we go! Allie and Morswood are off!

12:03 PM: Sara and Mr Cash are through the finish flags after a super smooth round, from what I could see. There is currently nobody on course for some reason, but and Allie Knowles and Morswood are circling the start box.

12:01 PM: Sara and Mr Cash are looking great though the coffin and then the big drop-corner-corner at 13ABC. We also have a score update for Boyd and Doug: Boyd and Contessa have a steady ride and collect 13.2 time fault. Doug and Quantum Leap are our first couple clear! They’ve come in one second under the optimum time of 6:33.

11:59 AM: Bit of an awkward jump at 20B for Quantum Leap, but Doug kicks him on and they’re clear with three fences to go. Sara Kuhn and Mr Cash van de Start have left the start box.

11:56 AM: We get our first look at the field with the last water complex and wowee, there really is a lot to do! Boyd uses his experience to keep Contessa straight and on her lines, but I’m betting we’ll see some trouble here today. Doug and Quantum Leap clear through about half the course so far.

11:54 AM: Doug Payne and Quantum Leap join us on course now. Meanwhile Boyd and Contessa are through the coffin — Contessa took a little peek over the first element and Boyd looks back over his shoulder to see if the MIM clip was activated — it wasn’t.

11:53 AM: Boyd and Contessa make easy work of the early part of the course, including the first couple questions. He’s through 8ABC.

11:51 AM: Boyd and Contessa are out of the box and on course!

11:50 AM: Boyd Martin and Contessa are circling the box now. Remember, competitors will ride in reverse order of standing for maximum excitement, however, a few pairs will go out of order due to their placings. Boyd is one of those — he’s sitting 10th with this horse.

11:38 AM: Before the division gets underway, make sure you also check out this little video for a walk around the course and look at some of the fences up close! Plus, here’s the course map.

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