Liz Halliday-Sharp Moving Operation to Florida for Winter

Photo via Liz Halliday-Sharp on Facebook. Photo via Liz Halliday-Sharp on Facebook.

Liz Halliday-Sharp put an exciting announcement on her Facebook page this morning that she will be moving her training base to Ocala for the winter. She will be bringing sales horses as well as horses in training with her to compete in Florida through April 2015.

From Liz:

This month we will be taking the plunge and moving to Ocala, Florida with the horses until April 2015!! Very exciting and a little bit scary, but we are thrilled to take on a new adventure and opportunity! Along with a couple of my best horses that I will be lucky enough to have over to compete in the USA, Richard Sheane of Cooley Sport Horses and I will be bringing some fantastic Irish horses with us to sell that have been produced to a high standard in Ireland and the UK.

We are very proud of this new business venture – “Cooley Horses International” – and excited to see where this takes us! Photos, videos and information about all of the sale horses will be available on line soon on the Chailey Stud Equestrian Centre website and Richard Sheane International website. We are committed to showing top quality horses in an honest way and to let the horses do the talking. More information to come soon!

We’re excited to have Liz coming stateside for the winter, and we’ll bring you more updates on Liz’s new winter training base as it becomes available. Congratulations to Liz and all of her connections on this new development!

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