Looking Back and Ahead!

Skybreaker fall 2013! Skybreaker fall 2013!

Its negative eight degrees in Strafford VT, and I’m sitting by the fireplace on New Year’s Eve wishing it were a warm sunny day! I’m also thinking about how New Year’s revolves around resolutions, and what people plan on doing in the following year differently. Perhaps you made mistakes in 2013, or have bad habits you are trying to kick, or maybe you have particular goals you want to meet in 2014. Whatever the changes, the goals, or the mistakes, this time of the year is a special one for several reasons. For me, instead of honing in on all the mistakes, the misfortunes, the agony, and the losses, I want to remember 2013 in a positive light and look towards the future as inspiration and motivation!

2013 was a summer of firsts and discoveries. The picture above shows the first time I jumped 4’9” on Skybreaker, a horse I never thought I would be lucky enough to ride, or compete. This summer I began my own business that I created from nothing, LG Equine Media. I never thought it would be possible to do what I love doing from home. All those emails, those phone calls, and those interviews finally paid off. This summer I learned how to jump my mare Valonia. I have been jumping her since 2009, but only this summer did I REALLY discover how she wants to be ridden, which has only opened up an exciting new avenue towards communication and a better a relationship.

Valonia Aug Huntington Training

Valonia Aug Huntington Training

In 2013, Skybreaker and I came to an understanding in dressage, mostly because his fitness hit an all-time high. I also learned a lot more about conditioning a horse, and I did my very first ten, and fifteen mile competitive trail ride on a horse I never thought could walk and trot that far. Earlier this winter, after the entire farm packed up and left, I began really thinking about and tweaking my ride on Valonia. This summer I struggled with her flatwork and her strength, but now all of a sudden, I have a whole new horse on the flat and couldn’t be more excited about her future.

I am so excited for 2014 and here’s why:

-More competitions next year at Training level, with a goal of tackling a Prelim in the fall.

– LOTS of jumper shows and even a dressage show or two!

– improve my jumping eye

– hone in on my inner aggression before leaving the start box

– improve my ability to ride on the flat

-spend more time with my friends and family

-improve our home, landscaping, gardening, etc

-set aside time to relax and enjoy the summer

-spend time at Sunnyside

-teach lessons

Our First Ten Mile CTR

Our First Ten Mile CTR

So…what are you looking forward to in 2014?!




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