Lower-Level Event Rider Profile

Once again, it is time to meet a fellow member of our Eventing Nation.  To see previous rider profiles, click on “Rider Profiles” in the Categories sidebar.  These features have been interesting and insightful– I am continually impressed and humbled by our readers as the emails keep pouring in.  You guys rock!  

If you would like to be featured in an upcoming profile, please fill out the Questionnaire and email it to [email protected].  Thanks again to all our participants…there are many profiles to post, and hopefully we will get to yours soon!

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Your Name: Brittany

Age: 23

Location: Minnesota

Primary horse’s name: Pleasantly Confused (aka Silver)

Age, breed, pertinent info: 5, QH, but more of a TB build

Level currently competing: Green as grass, pre-BN

Short term goals this spring/summer:
To get around the whole event course without injury 🙂  and to work on our dressage efforts(this might mean participating in some dressage only shows AHH!!).  Also since I’ll be graduating from RN school I’ll be happy I can actually RIDE my horse.  

Year-end goals: Our first BN event!  

Overall goals? 
To have a consistant jumping effort.  She’s green and really dosen’t think she can jump sometimes, even though other times she will FLY over things.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?  Any big epiphany or light-bulb moment? 
A light-bulb moment came during a gymnastics run when I realized that my horse gets super mad if I don’t give her credit when she does an amazing job (I got bucked off).  So now I give her amazing applause after every effort and we’ve been doing much better, and shes a happy little camper and keep continuing to try.  

Favorite eventing moment/story? 
VOLUNTEERING.  Even if I do not have a horse capable of making it around some of the “real” events, doesn’t mean I can’t participate in helping out the people who do.  I want these great events to be here when my horse finally makes it to a level where we can actually SHOW in them.  So volunteering is really important to me.

I love Brittany’s attitude!  Volunteers are truly the unsung heroes of our sport.  Please heed Brittany’s advice and support your local events by helping out!  

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