Luckaun Quality Undergoes Tie Back Surgery Following Rolex Fall

Tim Bourke and Luckuan Quality. Photo by Sally Spickard. Tim Bourke and Luckuan Quality. Photo by Sally Spickard.

Timothy Bourke’s 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding, Luckaun Quality, underwent tie back surgery to help with his breathing after suffering a scary fall on cross country this weekend.¬†“Obie” appeared to run out of steam turning for home on cross country Saturday. The horse fell at fence 25 and was slow to get up as he struggled to catch his breath.¬†Fortunately, Obie came out of cross-country day safely otherwise, and Tim posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Thank you to everyone for all their support this past weekend. Obie was amazing and have it his all and then some! He ran out of steam close to home and had a little bit of a fall but thankfully we are both none the worse for wear! Obie has had problems with his wind and we were waiting for him to tell us he needed help, which he did this weekend. So he went to Rood & Riddle and had tieback surgery today and all went well thank God! Hopefully this helps with his air intake and the beast that this is going to create is going to be unstoppable! He has the biggest heart and talent to burn so I can’t wait. Bring it on.”

Get well soon, Obie!

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