Make Mona Smile, Win Boots!

Know what would make Mona bust out her dimples?

Tall boots that don’t require painful breaking in!

Introducing the brand new Tredstep Ireland Da Vinci Stretch Field Boots, a masterpiece by Irishman Aidan Keogh that features Italian leather and secret stretch panels that promise a fit that is magnifico!

The new Tredstep Da Vinci Stretch Field Boots

The new Tredstep Da Vinci Stretch Field Boots

What else would make Mona smile? Your most hilarious horse-related photo – so send it to us and you could be smiling about a new pair of Tredstep boots!

And swing by for some smiles, refreshments, excellent views and a chance to WIN MORE BOOTS (among other things!) on Saturday as we tailgate with Tredstep on the cross country course. Keep an eye out for the tent flagged like a cross country jump: Red on right, white on left and insanity – and refreshments – in the middle!

Make the Mona Lisa Smile Contest Details:

Email your photo to: [email protected] with the subject line: “Mona Lisa’s Hysterical”

Deadline: May 1, 12 PM EST.

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