Make Those Trot Sets Less Boring: An Eventer’s Guide to Equestrian Podcasts

Much like the binge appeal of Mindhunter or Orange is the New Black on Netflix, podcasts have collected a sort of cult following among media consumers. And for good reason — podcasts make for a great way to reduce road rage during your commute or to make your trot sets a bit less monotonous. 

As an eventer, I’ve always gravitated towards more eventing-centric podcasts. The fact remains, though, that the number of horse or equestrian podcasts available now is a bit astounding. For that reason, I’m focusing primarily on shows that have some sort of eventing tie in at least some episodes for this guide. 

Did I miss a podcast that needs to be on this list? Comment with the name and I’ll check it out! 

Equiratings Eventing Podcast

Subject: In-depth eventing analysis
Best for: Eventing nerds and number junkies
Frequency: Several episodes each week/month
Review: Equiratings surely needs no introduction here on EN. We’ve become big fans of the work these number crunchers are doing, and the intensity with which the Equiratings team approaches their subject matter really resonates with me as a true eventing nerd. My personal favorite offering from this podcast, which offers a wide varietal of eventing-centric topics, is Alphabetti Spaghetti. In these fun episodes, the team discusses everything under the sun that begins with the letter of the hosts’ choosing. Think Horseware Hale Bob, hangovers, and horse flies all in one go.

Eventing Radio Show

Subject: All things eventing
Best for: Eventing news junkies
Frequency: Twice a month
Review: Super hosts Max Corcoran and Joe Meyer are always entertaining and candid in one of the longer running eventing-centric podcasts available. The Eventing Radio Show is great if you’ve got an hour or so to spare, and well-known guests frequent the airwaves to share their take on the sport of eventing. Other names such as Liz Halliday and Paul Tapner also join in as hosts on some episodes. If you’re looking for the perspective of multiple respected professionals in the industry, look no further! 

Side note, the Eventing Radio Show lives on the Horse Radio Network, which is full of horse-themed shows for every interest and discipline. Check out their full roster of shows here.

Heels Down Happy Hour

Subject: Amateur friendly topics and discussion
Best for: Amateur riders or those looking for a fun and casual podcast
Frequency: Twice per month
Review: Hosted by 5* eventer Jessica Payne, journalist and amateur hunter rider Justine Griffin, and Western rider Ellie Woznica, listeners can be sure to hear a discussion on just about any horse topic there is. I personally love this pod as I did a short gig as one of the hosts, but aside from that I love the genuine discussion of topics that matter to everyone. Think horses on a budget, judgement in the show ring, and horse care tips for all.

Major League Eventing

Subject: Rider interviews
Best for: Eventing fans who love to connect with riders
Frequency: Once per week
Review: Rob and Karen Bowersox first got into eventing when their son, Joe, packed his bags and got a job working for Boyd Martin. Rather than sailing happily off into retirement (let’s face it, having a kid in eventing is enough to push off retirement for most!), Rob and Karen jumped in with both feet and started producing their own podcast intended to connect riders and fans with the sport they love. Listening to Major League Eventing feels like sitting around at happy hour with your favorite rider — you’re sure to hear some candid stories and plenty of laughs!

Practical Horseman

Subject: Industry insights and interviews across English disciplines
Best for: Fans of all equestrian sports
Frequency: Once per week
Review: Hosted by Practical Horseman editors Sandra Oliynyk, Emily Daily and Jocelyn Pierce, this newer addition to the equestrian podcast world has already hosted interview sessions with riders such as Matt Brown, Selena O’Hanlon and William Fox-Pitt. You’ll also find a smattering of fascinating interviews with other industry leaders such as Anne Kursinski and Margie Engle. I’ve dabbled in this pod in my attempt to branch out of my eventing bubble, and I wasn’t disappointed. This podcast is best if you prefer to hear interviews!

USEA Podcast

Subject: Education and news from the eventing world
Best for: Event riders of all levels who want to learn more about the sport
Frequency: 3-4 episodes per month
Review: One of the other heavy hitters in this line-up, USEA’s flagship podcast is perfect for the active eventer who wants to learn more about the inner workings of the sport. From the Intercollegiate Championship to how to avoid show jumping time penalties, and everything in between, host Chris Stafford does a fantastic job bringing us all things we need to know. Periodically, guests will stop in to reflect on their competition experiences and provide advice for other riders. Definitely a must listen!