Marilyn Little and Lauren Kieffer Seal the Deal on CIC Wins at Jersey Fresh

Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous now have back-to-back CIC3* wins to add to their illustrious record after securing a first-place finish at the 15th annual Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event today.

“I was really pleased with her effort this weekend. I thought she handled the weather well. Like I said yesterday, it’s easy to think of her as a fair weather horse because she is a bit of a princess, but she’s really quite courageous and she showed that this weekend,” Marilyn said of “Kitty.”

Jacqueline Mars, Robin Parksy, and Phoebe and Michael Manders’ 12-year-old Oldenburg had one rail down, but still finished with an 11 point lead, putting her in top form for her first CCI4* at Luhmühlen next month.

“I have a lot more confidence going next month to Germany where it can also pour,” Marilyn said thinking of yesterday’s wet weather. “I think she took away a really great experience and the fact that she felt good this morning can only say that much more for the effort that was put forth from the course designer and all the volunteers.”

Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Boyd Martin and Christine Turner’s Tsetserleg, a 10-year-old Trakehner, were rewarded with a second-place finish after a careful and clear trip around Sally Ike’s show jumping track.

“I was thrilled with him. He’s a newer horse for me; I’ve had him for about a year. He was formerly produced by Michael Pollard and I’m very glad Michael retired from eventing because I got a couple of his nice horses!” Boyd laughed.

“It takes a bit to get the hang of it. He’s a bit awkward in his jump–he wouldn’t be the most conventional horse, but he’s an absolute trier. In eventing I think that’s actually the number one priority–a horse that really digs in deep and wants to do it,” he continued. 

Will Coleman and Boris O’Hara. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Kathleen McDermott’s Boris O’Hara was clearly no worse for wear after yesterday’s sloppy conditions. The 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood made sure to keep nearly a foot between him and the rails, making rider Will Coleman work to stay in the tack. A double-clear round moved them up two places to finish third overall in the CIC3*.

“I’m another one that’s kind of lucky Michael Pollard retired from eventing,” Will joked. “The McDermotts sent him to me and I’m really just thrilled for them. They’ve been great owners in the sport for a long time. They’re from New Jersey, they live about an hour away, and they’ve really stuck by this horse through some ups and downs that every owner experiences in the sport, and I just really feel very lucky that I have the horse and that they’re owners in my camp.”

Lauren Kieffer and D.A. Duras. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Lauren Kieffer and D.A. Duras Earn Wire-to-Wire Win

The pressure was on for overnight CIC2* leader Lauren Kieffer this morning when nine of the top produced double-clear show jump rounds, but she and D.A. Duras were unfazed, ending the weekend as the best finishers for the win. 

Debbie Adams and Jacqueline Mars’ 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood added only four time penalties from yesterday’s cross country to their dressage score (46.9) to finish the weekend on a result of 50.9.

“He was great. He’s a really careful horse. He felt super fresh and yesterday didn’t take much out of him. He’s a horse you can really trust to show jump clean,” Lauren said.

This was Lauren’s last domestic competition before she heads to England for the summer with her top horses including “Duras” who is aimed at a combined test at Little Downham before heading to the CCI3* at Bramham. 

In addition to the pretty blue ribbon, Duras also received recognition for being the best conditioned horse, and Lauren’s groom, Jenn Cain, earned the First Place Groom’s Award. Since Lauren has hardly been home between Rolex Kentucky and Badminton, this recognition is a true testament to her team.

“I definitely have the best team. I’m so so fortunate that I’m allowed to have such great people in my group,” Lauren said. “Shannon Kinsley is taking care of the horses in England right now and Jenn Cain is going to fly out with them. She was at Badminton with us, too, and then Sara McKenna is running things at home along with Sue Clarke.

“Then I’ve got my girls, Kim Cecere and Lauren Mair riding for me so really they’re to thank for Duras going so well. Kurt Martin always steps in when my big guys need a jump. I’m really, really fortunate with everyone I’ve got. It would be pretty hard–next to impossible–to replace any of them.”

Sharon White and Cooley On Show. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Sharon White, Sara Kozumplik Murphy and Will Zuschlag held their overnight second, third and fourth-place spots, respectively, after leaving all the poles in their cups today.

Cooley On Show, a 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse owned by Sharon, finished less than a point behind Lauren and Duras. “Louis” added only 2.4 cross country time penalties to end the weekend on a final mark of 51.8. 

Sharon additionally was selected by the Ground Jury as the recipient of the Philippa Humphreys Memorial Sportsmanship Award, which was created this year to identify a rider who demonstrates outstanding acts of sportsmanship.

“I think the Philippa award kept it all in perspective this weekend. The one thing about Philippa is she would just loved riding her horse around. She loved her relationship with her horses, and that’s what this is all about,” Sharon reflected. “That’s the important thing about the weekend, that you’re out there with your horse and doing it for the joy of being with them.”

The award was given to Sharon for her exemplification of fairness, respect, responsibility, selfless equine management, passion and commitment for the betterment of eventing, and outstanding mentorship and relationship management skills.

“Right after last year’s event we knew this year we wanted to do something to recognize and memorialize (Philippa). It was decided that a percentage of the entry fees would be allocated to this award every year, so the more entries we get, the more money we can put into Millie’s fund. It will be perpetual, so this was the first year and we go from here,” explained Lisa Mackintosh, who is a member of the Jersey Fresh International Organizing Committee. 

Sara and Will both carried 11.6 cross country time penalties, and they both had clear rounds today. Sara ended third with Rubens D’Ysiuex Syndicate’s Rubens D’Ysieux and Will finished fourth with his own RF Southern Command, respectively.

Waylon Roberts and Anthony Connolly and Skye Levely’s Mindful started the weekend in 14th, but finished in fifth after adding 11.2 penalties on cross country and none today. Waylon is surely pleased as this was the 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse’s first CIC2*.

What a great way to end the CIC classes this weekend at Jersey Fresh! Stay tuned for the forthcoming CCI reports.

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