MARS Bromont Rising Program Grants Announced for OJC International Three-Day Event

The Ocala Jockey Club Arch. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The organizers of the MARS Bromont Rising Program have just announced the riders who have been selected to participate in a two-day training camp at Mardanza Farms and compete at the nearby Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event this fall.

  • Ema Klugman
  • Charlotte Babbitt
  • Isabelle Bosley
  • Kaelen Speck
  • Arielle Aharoni
  • Barrett Phillips
  • Samantha Tinney
  • Elizabeth Henry
  • Ryan Keefe
  • Nicole Aden


  • Maxine Preston
  • Nicholas Staples

All of the riders will participate in the training camp, which will be taught by Peter Gray, Sara Kozumplik Murphy, Brian Murphy and Max Corcoran. “We are absolutely thrilled with the level of interest in the program,” said Peter Gray, the international dressage judge who runs the program. “The quality of the applicants and their commitment to the sport is inspiring.”

The 10 participants will each receive $3,000 to cover their travel and competition expenses, while the alternates will receive $1,000 each. The opportunity to participate in the training sessions – priceless. “You simply can’t replicate the opportunity that these riders are getting through the MARS Bromont Rising Program,” said Peter.

The MARS Bromont Rising Program, which offers financial aid and training to eventers under the age of 25, debuted at the MARS Equestrian Bromont Three-Day Event in June. It was a huge success, with most of the participants posting personal best dressage scores at Bromont and one of the participants, Brooke Massie, winning the Bromont CCI4*-S in her first time at the level.

A huge shout out to Peter, Sara, Brian and Max. And special thanks to Sara and Brian for hosting the training camp at beautiful Mardanza Farms.

The Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event will take place November 14-17, 2019 in Reddick, Florida.