Mary King Receives Second Yellow Card, Two-Month Suspension

Mary King and Imperial Cavalier at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry. Mary King and Imperial Cavalier at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

We reported in November that Mary King was handed a yellow card for “dangerous riding” on cross country at Le Lions d’Angers, where the Young Event Horse Championships are held. As per FEI regulations, two yellow cards received in a 12-month period constitutes a suspension, and unfortunately Mary received another yellow card at Bramham, again for dangerous riding. Mary received the card while competing MSH King Joules in the CCI3*. Mary has written the following on her blog:

I have some very embarrassing news and felt I should let you know before you read it in the press. I received a yellow card at Bramham Horse Trials last weekend … I was given one last year and if you receive 2 within a 12 month period you are suspended for 2 months which means I am unable to event from now until August 9th.

The horse I rode at Bramham was disappointingly strong and unruly across country. I pulled him up half way around the cross country course and retired after we had jumped the first part of a rail, ditch, rail combination. He dropped his back legs on the first rail and the frangible pin broke. It felt dangerous and neither of us were enjoying ourselves so I thought it best to stop before we had an accident. The ground jury have interviewed me and said I should have pulled up at the fence before. They said because I am a high profile rider/role model for younger riders I should have been more sensible, and I received a yellow card for dangerous riding. I was completely shocked and devastated.

I had a couple of younger horses doing some events during June and July, so Emily my daughter is going to ride them. I love my horses and love the sport, I am very sorry this has happened.

Mary will be able to resume competition on Aug. 9, but any suspension that is handed down comes as a tough pill to swallow. For a current list of FEI warnings issued in all disciplines, click here.

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