VIDEO: Maryland Horse Trials Intermediate from Buzzterbrown

Check out the sights and sounds from Maryland, courtesy of the one and only Buzzterbrown.

[Maryland Scores]

I’ll leave you with a question that has perplexed me for years: what does “Buzzterbrown” mean?  Is it just a proper noun?  Can something so awesome be so simple?  I think not.  Go Buzzterbrown.


Update 10:25am: From Buzzterbrown himself — “Busterbrown was the name of a horse I was interested in buying in 2006 but didn’t pan out.  Also the name of a 50’s and 60’s R & B artist, I like his hit ‘Fanny Mae’. But “Busterbrown” was taken when I started my YouTube account.  So I changed the ‘s’.

It was a personal account at first, intended for friends & family.  Then I posted my first eventing video from Morven Park in 2007.  That was motivated by a crappy eventing DVD I bought and returned to Dover (who cheerfully refunded my money).  Eventing was not covered very well on TV, and it was so fun to watch I thought others would like it.”


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