Medical Bracelets Will Be Legal Substitute for Armbands Starting April 1

Medical bracelets will become a legal substitute for armbands starting April 1. Medical bracelets will become a legal substitute for armbands starting April 1.

The USEA just announced that the USEF voted in January to allow riders to wear medical bracelets in place of medical armbands in jumping phases. The new rule goes into effect April 1, and medical armbands must continue to be worn until that time. The new rule reads as follows:

“EV113.3 MEDICAL CARDS/MEDICAL BRACELETS. An approved and completed medical card or medical bracelet is required any time while jumping. Medical cards must be enclosed in a transparent, waterproof carrier. Medical cards must be securely attached to the competitor’s upper arm on the outside of the competitor’s clothing. Medical bracelets must be visible on the competitor’s wrist. Medical cards must include any relevant medical history, injury (particularly to the head), drug allergies and current medication. If wearing a medical bracelet, any relevant medical history injury (particularly to the head), drug allergies and current medication must be included in the online medical form of the bracelet’s vendor website. Athletes are responsible to record all injuries on the card or in the case of a medical bracelet, update their medical information online. Failure to wear one’s own medical card or bracelet shall be penalized by a fine of $100 (payable to the Organizing Committee).”

Way easier to color coordinate!

Way easier to color coordinate for cross country!

We’ve been huge advocates of Ride Safe bracelets since they were released two years ago, and we’re thrilled bracelets like these will become a legal substitute for armbands. Here’s why:

1. We all know how easy is it to forget your armband. And borrowing someone else’s armband is all too common. (Of course, YOU would never do that!)

2. Medical bracelets are designed to be worn every ride, every day, keeping your medical information close at all times.

3. A bracelet is way easier to coordinate with your cross-country colors than an armband.

Let the new era of medical bracelets begin! And don’t be surprised when you see way fewer armbands at events starting April 1. Click here for more information on Ride Safe bracelets, and visit to order your own.

Go Eventing.

Update 3 p.m. EST: The chinchillas are hard at work answering your questions about the new rule. Currently, we’re waiting for clarification from our friends at the USEA and USEF on:

  • which brands of bracelets are legal
  • what information must be displayed on the bracelets
  • whether the bracelets will also be FEI legal

If you have a question about the new medical bracelet rule, please post in the comments below or email [email protected]. We’ll do our best to get you an answer as soon as possible. Standby for more information!

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