Michael Jung Has an Instagram and We’ve Officially Become Stalkers

This may not be breaking news to some, but judging by the fact that I am just now getting wind of this, I figured I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know. Michael Jung has an Instagram account. And he’s posting photos from Rolex!

fischerRocana enjoy the green gras in lexington #fischerrocana #rk3de #eventing #lookingforward #cantwaittogothere

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No, it’s not just a fan page. It’s a bona fide, legitimate Instagram account and the inner social media stalker in us all is finally breathing a happy little sigh of relief.

Not only do we get a glimpse into the daily life of Mr. Jung, we get to catch up with the horses he competes in pure show jumping as well as his eventers. We also get to play fly on the wall with some behind the scenes intel from his home base in Germany. Basically, we couldn’t be much happier.

First Barbecue #barbecue #summeriscoming #meatlover #niceevening #teamjung

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Training showjumping with the eventers #nextseason #fischertakinou #trainhard #indoortraining #showjumping #superstar #champion #teamjung

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So stalk away, EN friends! Don’t worry, we’ll be right there with you!