Millie Humphreys’ College Fund Just Shy of $100,000

Photo Courtesy of Millie's College Fund Website / You Caring. Photo Courtesy of Millie's College Fund Website / You Caring.

In the month since Philippa Humphrey’s death, the eventing community has shown an overwhelming amount of compassion, reflection, and unity in the wake of such an unthinkable tragedy. The sport has banded together with absolute loyalty in honoring Philippa’s place in our community, and doing some small part to show our concern and care for the Humphreys family.

Within hours of the news, Joanie Morris on behalf of the US eventing community established a public fund on You Caring for Philippa’s daughter, Millie, which would ensure that she had access to the best education possible in the future, and know that this community would always be there for her in any way possible.

Today, the fund is currently at $95,873 raised by over 700 donors, with the ultimate goal being to raise $125,000.

Earlier this week, Philippa’s husband Pete shared some additional words of thanks to the community for their support of him and Millie:

On behalf of myself and my family, I wanted to openly thank you all for the generous contributions to Millie’s College Fund. I’m genuinely speechless at the generosity and we have been touched deeply by such kindness and the massive response to the fund. I want to thank not only the equestrian community, but also my friends, coworkers and fishing pals that didn’t know Philly too well, but have all contributed to help Millie. I’m so thankful.

I especially want to thank Caitlyn’s mum Ailsa and her family for encouraging donations to Millie in Caitlyn’s name. So kind in such difficult times for Caitlyn’s family. Millie will be helped greatly by your generous and selfless gesture. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

I want to say a big thank you to Ryan Wood and County Saddlery. Your donation to Millie’s fund has overwhelmed us and words cannot justify how grateful I am for this huge donation. To the Scovil family who purchased “Woodzy’s'” saddle for over the retail price, we are so very grateful.

As a small gesture, we have made a donation to the collapsible fence fund in honor of Caitlyn, Olivia and my darling Philly.

With my deepest thanks, ‘Kick On.’

Pete Humphreys

Ryan Wood’s County Saddle was auctioned off on Eventing Nation for $5,500 to Katherine Scovil for more than the $4,995 retail price of the saddle. County Saddlery has also donated the retail value of the saddle back to Millie’s College fund.

Ailsa Carr, the mother of Caitlyn Fischer who also passed away this spring in a riding accident, requested that those wishing to show their support to her family do so by donating to Millie’s College Fund.

“Caitlyn will no longer fulfill her future dreams so my request has been that in lieu of flowers, friends and family make a donation that will help Millie achieve her future dreams.” Ailsa shared on Millie’s fund page.

Our hearts continue to go out unceasingly to all the loved ones who were affected by these tragedies.

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