Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Sexiest Black Event Horse of Them All?

Andreas Dibowski and FRH Butts Avedon at Lumühlen 2015. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Maybe it’s emotional residue from one too many The Black Stallion viewings as a kid, but there’s just something about seeing an event horse the color of polished onyx that makes my heart skip a beat. And when their performance matches their tall, dark and handsome good looks … swoon.

Since it’s Black Friday, I put together a list of black (or, in some cases, technically dark brown, but for all practical purposes they look black) three- and four-star horses from the past five or so years. Who is the sexiest of them all? Let’s put it to a vote!

Before you slaughter me in the comments for leaving out your favorite black horse, keep in mind that the list is meant to be recent (sorry, Charisma!) and not all-inclusive — I’m just working off the top of my head, and said head is still running a bit slow from the all-day booze cruise that was Thanksgiving Day. But do feel free to write-in vote for other horses!