Missing Out on Paris Tickets? The Ticket Resale Market is Now Open

Photo via Ch√Ęteau de Versailles on Facebook.

If you’ve not managed to get tickets for the Paris Olympics, you might not be completely out of luck as a new ticket resale market across sports is now available.

While we don’t see any cross country tickets available for Paris, as of writing this article there are some offers available for eventing dressage and show jumping, as well as other equestrian disciplines. If you want to check out some other sports, there are also some tickets on resale for those. If you have tickets and need to offload them, you can also list them here. Tickets should come and go off this platform as people’s plans change, so keep an eye out if you don’t see what you want right away.

We of course can’t guarantee availability, but here is the link if you want to have a shot!

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