Missy Ransehousen’s Camper, Car Go Up in Flames

The aftermath of the fire at Blue Hill South. Photo via Blue Hill Farm. The aftermath of the fire at Blue Hill South. Photo via Blue Hill Farm.

We have very sad news to report out of Ocala today, as we’ve learned Missy Ransehousen’s living quarters coach and Subaru Outback went up in flames last night at Blue Hill South. Mercifully, no humans were inside the coach when it caught fire, and working students Brigitte Aikelin and Tiffany Smith were nearby and able to rescue a dog trapped inside.

The cause of the fire has not been confirmed at this time, and Missy is currently working with the fire marshal and her insurance company to determine how much of the loss will be covered.

In the meantime, virtually all her material possessions were lost in the blaze — from her basic clothing and competition gear to items that are much harder to replace, like her logo wear as a member of the 1995 Pan American Games squad and her memorabilia as a longtime coach of the U.S. Paralympic team.

So it’s time to do what we do best, EN! Missy is in immediate need of clothing, breeches, boots and shoes. She wears size 6 in clothing, size 28 in breeches and size 8 in shoes. All clothing can be mailed directly to her in Florida at 653 W. Highway 316, Citra, FL 32113.

Any questions can be directed to Lisa Thomas, who is spearheading the recovery efforts, at [email protected]. We will keep you updated on how we can continue to help Missy during this difficult time. Please share the news on social media so we can send out the call for help far and wide!

[Fire Recovery Efforts for Missy Ransehousen!]