Monday News an Notes

Happy day after Easter Eventing Nation!  It’s a big news day throughout the equestrian world, so lets jump right into it:
–First and most importantly, because today is the day after Easter, marshmallow Peeps go on sale throughout the World.  Are Peeps candy, are they dessert, are they dinner, or are they post-armageddon survival food?  I have no idea, but they are just as tasty today as they were 24 hours ago, so take your truck and trailer to Wal Mart and stock up for the year.  Peep Research, Peeps diorama contest, 100 ways to kill a Peep
–Secondly, *drumroll* the FEI’s new anti-doping regulations go into effect today.  The new lingo is that “Prohibited Substances” are substances that are not allowed at competitions, “Banned Substances” are substances that “have no place in equestrian sport,” while substances commonly used in equine medication but that are prohibited in competition are “Controlled Medication Substances.”  Easy squeezey lemon peasey, right?  FEI Press Release, Prohibited Substances Database, Prohibited Substances List, Rules

As an interesting test of your vet’s sports medicine orientation, you could ask them what they think of the FEI’s new anti-doping regulations.  If they enter into a long talk about the nuances of Bute’s time levels in the bloodstream and the effects of mixing drugs, then that’s great.  If they seem surprised that things have changed, you might want to get ahold of another vet to help you before three-days.  If they ask “what’s the FEI?” then you might want to move out of North Dakota.

–If you missed this last Friday, Shelby French had an interesting article about the different intercollegiate riding programs for the COTH.
Barn politics are the number one reason people change barns.
Happy belated 150th anniversary to the Pony Express.
Best of the Blogs: Laine Ashker’s Fork recap, Chelan Kozac.  Note: if you write great blog entries and want them to be featured as part of our Best of the Blogs, shoot me an email with a link to the blog and I’ll have a look.
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