Monday News and Notes

Afternoon update: The New FEI Banned Drugs Database was just launched.
Duke fans handled our joking last week with poise, and a ‘let’s see if the hillbillies can walk the walk’ attitude, and, at the end of this weekend, they are still standing and UK isn’t, so I give them all the credit in the World.  Don’t worry though, UK will be back next year after buying recruiting another stacked group of young players.

British equestrian team has set its goal for between 1 and 3 medals at the WEGs.  GBR won two (individual Gold and team Silver) in 2006 and hopes to repeat that and pick up a dressage medal as well.
3D3W: Gina Miles, 3D3W has a new url now so be sure to adjust your bookmarks and readers.  The new site looks awesome, great job Courtney!
Gal and Totilas win the FEI World Cup.  I’m not sure who the eventing favorite is for the WEGs, but I do know the dressage favorite.
16 Pennsylvania farms are having a parade of horse farms.
Judging Grand Prix dressage tests? There’s an app for that
Zebra pizzas now offered in England.  That’s pizzas made from Zebra, not pizzas made for Zebras.  “Hello…yes, I’m fine thanks…I was wondering, do you deliver to Virginia?”  Go eventing.
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