Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

The famous Stonehenge complex at the Carolina Horse Park. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld The famous Stonehenge complex at the Carolina Horse Park. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld

I haven’t been to the Carolina Horse Park in 10 years. The last time was in 2005 when I competed my Thoroughbred Sam in the Junior Novice division at the AEC. So being at the park the last five days for the Carolina International brought back a flood of memories. For one thing, it was one of the best horse show trips my mom and I took together. I could visualize exactly where our stall was and mom cleaning my tack – I’m pretty sure that’s the only time that ever happened. The cross country was as beautiful as I remembered it. Sam was 7 at the time and, even though he made me work for it, he gave me a clear round, finishing right on the optimum time, and we placed 14th overall in a huge class. Coming back now, all these years later, as a member of media was a special trip down memory lane. It was a fantastic event and I can’t wait to go back!

U.S. Weekend Action:

Carolina International H.T. & CIC  [Results]

Poplar Place Farm March H.T. & CIC [Results]

Monday News and Notes:

Being a world-class groom is much more than just having a clean horse. Super-grooms Cat Hill and Emma Ford’s new book will be released in April. Emma, who grooms for Phillip Dutton, was recently interviewed about the publication process. [Horse Care Tips]

British Eventing has a new chief executive. A lot has happened in recent months for British Eventing, from the ban of helmet cams to the new requirement for fixed helmet peaks. David Holmes’ has a lot on his plate in his new role, but as a highly qualified and still active rider, his goal is to make the sport as safe and enjoyable as possible. [New chief executive for British Eventing]

Allergies are annoying, we know this. I had severe allergies as a child. I was allergic to – get this – pet dander, pollen, dust, mold, most vegetation, definitely hay. Did that stop us from going to the barn every day? No. In fact, to this day I notice my allergies are worse when I spend a few days away from the barn. [Early exposure can help build resistance]

Use lunging as a tool, not a race. There’s is not much that makes me more crazy than watching horses careen around in a circle on a lunge line. Unbalanced, out of control, lunge line dragging the ground. Don’t take safety for granted just because your on the ground instead of in the saddle. [Safe Longeing]

Rolex is just around the corner! Horse Nation caught up with Jen McFall, who completed her first four-star with High Times in Kentucky last year and is planning a return trip all the way from the West Coast this year. [Rolex Bound!]

Jersey Fresh is upping the anti this year. “It looks different, it feels different,” is the slogan of the event. From VIP tents to Shetland races, Jersey Fresh is making sure it’s not an event to miss. [Jersey Fresh International’s New Energy]

Monday Video: Thehorsepesterer was at it again at Carolina International. Click here for the full playlist.