Monday News & Notes from Success Equestrian

Husband Gamal goofs around while Hawley Bennett talks horses at the Woodside Competitor's Party, via Hawley's Facebook page

Photos like this make me kick myself for having missed the competitor’s party at Woodside on Saturday night. There is no time to rest or worry about what was missed though as this week is shaping up to be a busy one. Horses are settling in at Boekelo, and others are preparing to depart for Pau. Sadly, I don’t have enough time to learn Dutch before Boekelo kicks off but I can certainly use the next 15 days to brush up on my French for Pau! Allonz-y!

Weekend Results:

Morven Park Fall H.T.  [Final Scores]

Roebke’s Run H.T.  [Final Scores]

Woodside International H.T. [Final Scores]

ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. [Final Scores]

WindRidge Farm Fall H.T. [Final Scores]

Events Opening This Week:

MeadowCreek Park H.T – The Fall Social Event (Texas, A-5)

Monday News:

Amy Barrington Update–Friend and longtime student Leslie Patton shared some great news about Amy’s progress over the weekend. Amy was able to stand for a period of six minutes–a big improvement from two periods of two minutes a few days prior. Some of Amy’s tubes and monitoring equipment have been removed and she’s showing moments of clarity. When her husband Greg and friend Ruth were explaining about the accident, Amy asked which horse had been involved and if it was okay. When they indicated that it was Tony, Amy related some information about him that was all correct. [Amy Barrington Recovery on Facebook]

Area VI Amy Barrington Benefit Clinic–Area VI trainers have put together a fundraiser to help with Amy’s medical costs. The clinic takes place October 11-13 at Galway Downs. The clinic costs includes both days of training, use of the facility and stabling on Saturday night. While cross-country access will be reserved for riders and their horses at Preliminary and below, CCI horses entered in the Galway Downs Event and Clinic will have a special show jumping course on grass. In addition to two days of riding, there will be a silent auction and a dinner with all proceeds going to benefit Amy in her recovery. [Amy Barrington Fundraiser Eventing Clinic] [Sign Up Form]

Chesna Klimek and Solar win at the 100-Day Trainer Challenge–The Prodigious Fund sponsored event came to its conclusion at Donida Farms in Auburn, Wash., over the weekend. It was one of the featured events at the Thoroughbred and Half-Thoroughbred Horse Show. Jack Hodge’s Oak Crest Farm bred and raced Solar and as the Vice President and Treasurer of The Prodigious Fund had the honor of presenting Chesna with the first place check. I’m not sure who should be more proud, Chesna or Jack! [100 Day Trainer Challenge Results]

Cuteness Alert: Harry Edwards-Brady–He isn’t old enough to start school just yet, but that’s not stopping this three-year old from taking on the Horse Of The Year Show. If you take a peek at the pictures, you’ll notice he’s already got the eventer fist-pump down. Will we see Harry on the Olympic podium in 2028? [Seriously Cute Pictures Await At This Link]

In Case You Missed It–10 Unusual Uses for Ponies, from Horse Nation–Seriously, is there anything funnier or cuter than a pony? In celebration of all they put up with, Carla shares 10 Unusual Uses for Ponies. []

Will the WEGs return to the United States in 2018?–It’s entirely possible as there are two U.S. locations being considered: 2010 host city Lexington, Ky., and Wellington, Fla. Picking a host city is a rather complicated process it seems with more twists and turns than Days Of Our Lives. [The Long And Pot-Holed Road To WEG 2018]



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