Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Fair Hill CCI2* winner Allie Blyskal and Sparrow's Nio. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Happy Monday, EN!  If you missed the Fair Hill coverage this weekend, spoiler alert: Lots of smiles and triumphant fist pumping were on display.  Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio took the top honors in the CCI2* while Jan Byyny aboard Inmidair put in a well ridden Stadium round to clinch the win in the CCI3*.

It’s a rare thing to find me thankful that it’s a Monday, but with how crazy these past few weekends have been, I’m welcoming Monday with open arms.  I almost feel like going in to the office today will be a welcome slow-down.  Of course, I won’t feel that way about 10 minutes after arriving and my mind will inevitably wander back to the barn and the planning of another great adventure, but we all think silly things from time to time, right?

Fair Hill Links: [Website] [Scores]

Hagyard Midsouth Links: [Website] [Scores]

Mondial du Lion Links: [Website] [Scores CCI1*] [Scores CCI2*]

Weekend Results:

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. [Scores]

Paradise Farm H.T.  [Scores]

“The Event” at Kelly’s Ford  [Scores]

Grass Ridge Horse Trials [Scores]

Events Closing This Week:

Full Gallop Farm H.T. (South Carolina, A-3) Poplar Place Farm November H.T. (Georgia, A-3) Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. (Texas, A-5) CDCTA Fall H.T. (Virginia, A-2) 

Monday News and Notes: 

You know how sometimes one bad kid spoils the game for everyone?  Or how maybe your sibling did something naughty so mom and dad choose to punish ALL of you?  Yeah, that’s what it looks like for Endurance right now.  It may become a banned sport if the FEI can’t get a handle on the doping and horse welfare issues.  Way to go Shiekh Mo.  Way to go.  [More From]

Science will save the day, or so Jock Paget hopes.  Paget’s backers have hired on a scientist to help determine what exactly may have happened.  Frances Stead, founder of Clifton Eventers, stated that the FEI has yet to provide information relating to the concentration of reserpine found in the A sample which would potentially provide some insight in to how the drug got there.  [More from]

A second horse has been found slaughtered in Loxahatchee, Fla.  Animal Care and Control has yet to make an arrest in either case and has no indication as to why the horses were slaughtered.  Authorities suspect it was either for personal consumption or black market sales.  As much as I’d like to see the WEG’s return to the US, I think I might vote for Kentucky instead.  [More from]

Seriously, 3D printers are awesome.  Check out these sweet titanium horse shoes made by a 3D printer.  Lighter than aluminum and they’re purple! I’m going to overlook the fact that they cost about $600, because… well, science! [More from]

In case you missed the news yesterday, Shannon Lilley has organized an online auction to benefit Amy Barrington.  Tons of great items have been donated by various sponsors, including SmartPak, Bit of Britain, CWD, Professional’s Choice and others.  All of the proceeds will go towards Amy’s recovery.  [Details on EN] [Auction Items]

Farriers are very often under appreciated.  When you find a good and reliable  farrier, you do what you can to keep them happy.  Coffee, donuts and a clean work-space can go a long way.  From HorseNation- Five Things Your Farrier Wishes You Knew. [From HorseNation]

Finally, remember how I said that there ain’t no party like a West Coast Eventer Party?  I might be wrong.  This is not horse related at all, but too weird not to share.  Apparently a French backpacker in Western Australia was arrested after her boyfriend was seen riding on the hood of their car dressed in a dinosaur costume, wearing a snorkel and smoking a cigarette.  Sounds like my kind of party.  [More from]

Monday Video:  There’s a reason “pony” is a four letter word.  Nothing does naughty like a pony.


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