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Kim and Sinead out for a hack in Chantilly. From USEF Eventing High Performance on Facebook Kim and Sinead out for a hack in Chantilly. From USEF Eventing High Performance on Facebook

In June it felt like summer would stretch endlessly in to the future. There would be weekends filled with complaining about the heat while reapplying the umpteenth layer of sunscreen.  Barbecues would be fired up at every opportunity and the sun wouldn’t set until well past 8pm. Seeing pictures like this one of Kim and Sinead make me think that endless summer exists somewhere. That somewhere is on the back of a horse, even if it’s blanket weather in August.

Scores for Events in the U.S:

The Event at Santa Fe (Intermediate Area X Championship) [Scores]

Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club H.T.  [Scores]

Waredaca Farm H.T. [Scores]

Full Gallop Farm August H.T. [Scores]

Events Opening This Week:

Fair Hill International Three-day Event (MD, A-2)
Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge(KY, A-8)
Morven Park Fall H.T. (VA, A-2)
Fair Hill International Three-day Event (MD, A-2)
ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. at the Horsepark (NJ, A-2)
Woodside International Horse Trials (CA, A-6)
Kent School Fall H.T. (CT, A-1)
WindRidge Farm Fall Horse Trials (NC, A-2)

Monday News and Notes:

Allie Knowles is looking for a full-time working student in Paris, KY. Please email Haley Hodgert at [email protected] for more information or to apply.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond to win! We’ve teamed up with Professional’s Choice to give away three Quilted Dressage Pads. How do you win one? We want to see you glammed up and sparkling, Rihanna style, so send us your creative photos or videos for your chance to win! See post for entry details. [Shine Bright Like a Diamond]

One of Britain’s tried and true Para-equestrians returns to the squad for Normandy. Lee Pearson has 10 Paralympic gold medals to his name. Despite his winning record he was dropped from the team for the European Championships. Where many would have crumbled, Pearson came back stronger than ever to make this year’s WEG team where he hopes to add to his medal collection. [More from]

The Youth Olympic Games are on in Nanjing. There are 30 athletes from 30 different nations competing in the equestrian events. One of the major challenges with these games is that the riders will all be competing on borrowed horses. A unique twist has been given to the team format, with teams composed of one rider from every continent. [More from]

Ulcers can be one of the most frustrating conditions to manage in a horse. Very often feed can be one of the make or break factors in keeping ulcers well managed. Ulcers can make keeping a horse at an appropriate weight for his workload very challenging. If you’ve got a hard keeper with ulcers, the folks over at have some tips that may help you out! [More from]

Just like humans and horses, diseases are significantly more mobile these days. Equine corona virus has been identified in european horses. What is extra significant is that it was identified in respiratory fluid where previously it had only been isolated in feces. ECoV is rarely fatal but is capable of bringing on high fevers and diarrhea. [More from]

Monday Video: The worst part of the summer isn’t the heat, it’s the flies. I am very seriously considering adding this to my anti-fly arsenal.

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